Every Single Month! No community or family exists without communication, especially in-person dialog. We will take time out EVERY MONTH to personally answer your questions, and fill you in on new and unusual tools and insights so that your path to success is thoroughly informational. We will also frequently host special guest participants, career psychologist, accredited family experts, clergy, and more. All of the calls will be recorded, so even if you can’t make it Live due to your schedule, the audios will always be available to you for repeated listening and learning in our media center. Conference calls are available to community members only.

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Within our Media Center you will find an organized collection of supplemental audio and video content for your successful family legacy journey. In addition to archived conference calls, presentations (speeches, seminars, and more) delivered by Ezechiel and other leading subject matter experts are available on demand for our members. Our media center will consistently be updated with new content and material which are normally sold to the general public. Our members however have unlimited access to such content for use freely as needed.

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As mothers, fathers, and other family relations, as well as mentors of others who depend on us significantly, we must continue to grow in knowledge and stature. Teaching is a critical component of leadership. As stated by William Arthur Ward, "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." In order to inspire others to live successfully and take personal ownership of these necessary family truths, we must exemplify daily, by our actions, knowledge which is proven and has successfully endured the test of time. By reading and discernment through careful observation of the culture and society, we can avoid the well crafted family pitfalls which await us. We can have fun as we learn together.

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Ongoing dialog within a community breeds vibrant relationships, and provides an abundance of opportunities to receive encouragement from the successes and failures of others. Our member-only (family business) discussion threads are meant to provide healthy dialog around all the various components of our community. Look on the Activities tab to find a link to our Facebook community and discussion threads on a variety of subjects.

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