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Parenting 2pt0 Conference 1 179x300 ABOUT UScommitted to educating and coaching individuals on the process of building healthy and stable families. We feel the primary vehicle which allows us to embrace a powerful commitment to this process is a selfless desire to build a successful multi-generational family legacy. Successful family legacy motivates us to live an exemplary life today, as we deliberately design a blueprint for our dependents to experience, incorporate, and also transfer to the generation which follows them.

Here you will find a wealth of resources (audio, video, print, dialog, and more) design specifically for this process and available on demand. The founder and original organizer of this community is Ezechiel Bambolo, Jr, a deeply committed husband, father, church elder, author, and speaker.

Ezechiel “Zeke” Bambolo, Jr.  was born and raised in Liberia, West Africa as the first son of African born missionaries and teachers. His parents were proactively keen to build strong combination of academic and life skill into their children, especially into Ezechiel as the firstborn son. His family endured incredible destruction and setback at the hands of the country’s years of instability and multiple civil wars. The restoration process became Ezechiel’s responsibility at the age of 19 as the firstborn son of his family. Ezechiel is an author, speaker, seminar presenter, and radio host who focuses on family matters, most frequently on building successful family legacy. His current book is titled THE FIRSTBORN SON: a Curse, a Gift, or a Calling.

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