How to Build a Forever Family Legacy of Blessings!

The account is given of a boy who was destined for great world class leadership. Even as a young farm boy, it was obvious to everyone the promise and potential he bore. He rose to lead a nation. His failures along the journey of life as a parent and political leader were massive. They included adultery, murder, even an account of a son who raped his sister, evidence of his disastrous parenting.

Regardless of these unimaginable personal and parenting failures for all to see and account historically for generations now, this man (King David) is remembered most as the greatest king ever. An incredible poet and musician who wrote some of the greatest songs of passion and adoration in times of agony or triumph he was. He is duely noted for living and building a legacy which guaranteed blessings from God upon multiple generations to follow him absolutely because of his faithfulness before God (read 2 Chronicles 17:3-5 and 1 Kings 15:1-5).

What parenting failures or damaging legacy-building actions of the past do you feel you can never recover from? We often over simplify the level of responsibility which exists for us as parents of todays generation. We fail to realize how powerful and impacting our efforts may be on countless individuals and generations.

We must deliberately pursue a faithful and enduring legacy, never allowing our horrible failures to derail our efforts and intentions.

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